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USA/CANADA : +1(707)706-3019


Nightline Delivery Aerospace Division is specialized in serving the aviation industry with transportation, distribution and warehousing solutions. With a strong worldwide infrastructure to include South America, Africa, Europe and China, we can provide total solutions logistics support of all aircraft parts and engines.

We are devoted to deliver reliable services and methods that ensure priority treatment for shipments of aircraft parts including special transportation of all type of engines. We are flexible, we do what we say and consistently contribute to the success of our customers.

Based on our knowledge and availability of trained staff we can offer extremely competitive rates. These results add up to cost saving to our customers. We understand our customer’s objectives, to maintain a low stock level in order to minimize capital and operating cost. Therefore we practically exercise our vision, demonstrating our absolute reliability so that the parts are delivered to the right place at the right time, just when you need them. In this fast moving and changing aviation environment our customers are counting on us to understand their needs and support their business in a 24/7 operation availability.

Our Services include the following and can be categorized as Routine shipments, Critical Shipments and AOG Shipments.

Our Aviation services

  • Fully staffed 24/7 AOG services
  • Line Maintenance stock room operations (Approved EASA 145, FAA 145)
  • Warehouse facilities management
  • Air, Ocean and Road Transportation
  • On Board Courier
  • Bonded stores
  • Air Ride
  • In house X-Ray
  • Track & Trace via internet
  • A/C Parts customs clearance support
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • Specialized packaging